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Pellet feedstock, healthy forest, activated carbon

Energy solutions, environmental stewardship.


No matter its size, each community has to deal with growing energy, economic, and environmental challenges. Our mission is to design and put in place integrated bioenergy and water treatment systems that transform these problems and concerns into opportunities. Our systems will support business and job growth, as well as improve the communities' air and water quality.

How do we do it?

We rely on several design principles:

  • Industrial ecology – Where waste is a feedstock for energy and products.
  • Small-scale, distributed systems The 20th century was built on the economy of scale. This century will be transformed by the economy of efficiency, where nothing is wasted.
  • CHP – Combined heat and power. Our goal is to produce bioenergy at 80% efficiency which can be used on the spot.
  • Co-Products  – In addition to bioenergy, we develop high-value product streams, such as activated carbon.
  • Reliability – Service is delivered where and when it is needed. This removes the focus on product and fuel market and delivery fluctuation.
  • Vertical integration – We facilitate the link between the supply of the feedstock and the benefit of the product.
  • Enabling self-reliance Our systems support community self-reliance through job creation.

High expectations

We are starting at the top – Leadville, Colorado, elevation 10,000 ft. MicroChem Technologies and its partners will demonstrate the science and practicality of our approach in this historic mining town located near the continental divide and the headwaters of the Arkansas River. Leadville has a legacy of mining that has been providing valuable resources for over a century, but now faces challenges from the environmental and economic impacts of past mining and the loss of high paying mining jobs.

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